tisdag 9 februari 2016

English - rewriting scenes from the novel

The point of the exercise is to:
  • Use and show your knowledge about the characters
  • C reate a deeper understanding of the events by "stepping into" the novel in order to reshape it

Rewrite and act out one the following scenes

The wake when the white guy wants to return the powwow outfit to Junior’s mother
  • In the novel, she walks up the man and says that the outfit wasn’t her mother’s. What else could have happened?

The scene where Junior’s father has run off for Christmas and comes back for New Year’s with an epic hang-over
  • How else could their conversation have unfolded when Junior’s father apologizes for leaving?

The scene at Denny’s (the restaurant when Junior has no money
  • What would have happened if Roger hadn’t lent Junior any money?

Rewrite one of this scenes from a different perspective and read it to the class

The rest room  scene where Roger lends moeny to Junior. Rewrite the scene from Rogers pesrpective - from the moment he walks into the rest room until the he slaps Junior on his back and they walk out.

Let’s imagine the scene in the ambulance after Junior has been hurt by Rowdy in the game. His mother and father are talking to each other. What do they say?

In order to rewrite these scenes in a good way, you have to use your knowledge about the characters involved. Start out by brainstorming information about the characters, and then use this information to decide what would be a reasonable but different outcome/ perspective.

You will be asked to explain your choices for the scenes

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