tisdag 7 juni 2016

Dagens lektion i engelska

I have to mark essays to get my grades finished on time, so I will not be available for class today. Instead, I have prepared the task below for you. You will need to take on the task in groups. You find the groups below. The point of the task is to evaluate the past course as well as to make wishes and suggestions for our next English course together, English 6 - the last mandatory English course in high school.

If you fail to do this task in an appropriate manner, I will mark you as absent from today's lesson. The task should be completed and submitted by 11.30 pm today. There are a lot of questions, so you will have to work efficiently!

The groups:

Ibrahim, Eryk and Ismail
Ajla, Emma, Beste and Anna
Millena, Alex, Patrycja and Vicente
Anton, Max, Collin and Fawad
Jonathan, Lukas, Richard and Noel
Ali, Måns, Johannes, Gustav

Submitting the task:

The answers to the following questions can be submitted in two ways:
- a written document which you share with me in Drive
- a video clip where you give the answers orally - in English. You must use Quicktime to film yourselves (NOT Photobooth). Upload the video clip on Google Drive and share it with me.

The task:

(when I write "you", I mean the whole group. Try to discuss and agree as much as you can)

- Which English-sepaking countries in the world interest you the most? Why? You can find a list of all the English-speaking countries on Wikipedia.

- I know many of you like movies and wish us to watch more movies. I will give you one movie for every novel we read (we will read at least two novels and watch two movies) - How many movies/books would you be willing to take on during our next year (two is a minimum, but what about three... four?)

- Mention three things you feel I have done well as a teacher this year and explain how these things are helpful to you as a student.

- Mention three things you feel I should improve on in my teaching next year. Be specific and explain how this would benefit you as a student.

- We have used our course book a few times this year. My plan is that we keep it (you re-loan it in the fall) next year. Have you liked the course book and do you feel it is a good plan to keep it?

- I have different ideas for next year:.. having you make a virtual road trip through an English-speaking country and blogging about it... Making movies about Malmö... Staging a panel debate... Having historical role plays... Please tell me if any of these ideas sound appealing to you, OR add some ideas of your own!

- Something that is specific to the course English 6 is that you learn about famous, historical authors from the English-speaking world. Do you know of any that you would like to learn more about? Shakespeare? The Brontés? Dickens? Austen? Please give suggestions!

- If you have other suggestions or opinions about English class, please feel free to share them here at the end:)

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