torsdag 17 november 2016

Lektion i engelska

You will find tasks for today's lesson in the presentation below. Do one page at a time. The presentation contains two main tasks:
  • Practising reading skills on a website called The instructions are in the presentation below. You will need usernames and Carle will give these to you (Lukas and Max already have theirs). This is individual work. You cannot do it in pairs.
  • Practising vocabulary (false friends). All the exercises and instructions are in the presentation below for you. You can discuss the answers in pairs, but you all need to write the answers in your documents and the last exercise (writing a short text) is individual.
DOKUMENTET JAG DELADE MED ER HAR BARA NÅTT 12 PERSONER I KLASSEN. OM DU INTE HAR FÅTT NÅGOT DOKUMENT: Skapa ett med namnet: "False Friends - ditt namn" och dela med mig. Om du har fått ett dokument delat med dig, SKA DU ANVÄNDA DET. Ursäkta versalerna.

If you should finish all of this, you can either return to and do more texts or you can start working on your essay "Election 2016".

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