tisdag 29 november 2016

Task for Friday - three images

Working on your own, choose three photos that represent these things:
  • Something that is important to you personally.
  • Something that shows one of the good things about being a young person today.
  • Something that shows one of the problems that young people have today.
Paste the three pictures of your choice into a document and share with me. I will print them in color for the lesson on Friday. The deadline for this (if you don't have time during class today) is Wednesday.

On Friday:

Join your group. Show your photos to the group but do not explain what they represent. The other members of the group should spend two or three minutes discussing your photos. They should:
  • Describe what can be seen in each photo.
  • Speculate about what each photo means.
When the group has discussed your photos you can explain what they mean to you.

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