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Role play/ movie

Useful documents:
Trial and court room vocabulary
United States - Going to Court
Each group will get a trial case

Jonathan, Max, Lukas, Collin 4
Måns, Anna, Millena, Gustav, Johannes 5
Vicente, Anton, Ali, Alexandra 1
Emma, Klara, Beste, Ajla, Patrycja 3
Noel, Ibrahim, Eryk, Ismail 2

Skills focus:
  • Your use of spoken English. The movie/role play will give you the opportunity to show prepared speech in both dialogue and monologue form. For instance, the hearing of a witness will be a dialogue but the opening statement of a defense counsel will be a monologue. The language focus here will be the kind of formal language that is used in a court room and the key vocabulary will be the words and phrases specifically used in the court room during a criminal trial (se word list above). 
  • Your knowledge of courts and criminal trial procedure in the US. The key knowledge are those presented in the text above (United States - Going to Court), for instance the roles and functions of the court personel, the lay out of the court room, the order in which a case is presented and so on. If you have used other sources, please share them with me in plenty of time before he movie dead line.
Assessment: You will be assessed individually on your language and as a group on your knowledge of trial procedure. 

The specific knowledge demands are presented in IST Learning where you can find the task.

Time plan:

Sometimes starter
Two documents: plan and script w. roles
Discussing in groups, checking lessons, one hour home work each week
Planning and script --> Recording

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