onsdag 14 september 2016

Feedback Zeitoun

Now, I have given feedback to you all on your discussions (written or spoken) on the novels. For those of you who had a discussion, I have emailed you my feedback. Please look at it and take it into account when you prepare for the next part of the book.

To give you some idea about what you can say about a quote and what kind of quote you might choose, I have provided an example below.

For people who do the test in DigiExam: write down the exact quote and use quotation marks. Directly after the quote, write the page number within parenthesis.

For people doing book discussions: You must read the exact quote in the text (otherwise it's not a quote) and it must be clear when it begins and ends. After you read the quote, say from which page it comes.


"Kathy had no choice but to lie. She had never told a bare-faced lie to her children before, but now it seemed necessary. Otherwise they would all lose there composure" (s. 189)

This quote shows the stress Kathy is under. We know from before that there are other things which have worn her down: she worries about Zeitoun's safety; her home and business have just been ruined by the storm; she is dependant on her family but she doesn't feel wanted there; she is being pressured by Zeitoun's family to find him, which she can't do. All of these things has put a lot of strain on her and when Zeitoun is lost and doesn't call back every day like he promised, she kind of breaks.

The quote says that "they would all lose their composure" doesn't tell this lie and of course one reason for not telling it could be that she doesn´t want to cause her children (more) pain until and unless it's absolutely necessary (i.e. when she knows what has happened to Z). But maybe she also feels that she wouldn't be able to handle the situation if the children broke down, maybe she worries that she too would break down then.

From the children's perspective you can see that they suspect something at first and that, given the circumstances, they understand that something horrible might have happened to their father. Nademah questions her lie, for instance (she didn't here a phone ring). The fact that Kathy never ususally lies to them though makes it work, especially for the younger kids, but later they catch her in the lie

Comment on my example:

This is just one way of commenting on the quote. I wanted to show though what I mean by "sticking to the text" and "referring to the text" and "being specific". I have also tried to show different perspectives (Kathy's and the kids) and I have tried to develop my comment by giving several possible interpretations (second paragraph). Hope this was helpful:)

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